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School Uniforms

  • White or navy blue Polo shirts with three buttons or collared shirts with sleeves and buttons for boys and girls.
  • Navy blue or khaki pants and shorts for boys are Docker uniform type to be worn with a belt (no basketball or gym shorts/pants).
  • Navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers, capris for girls are Docker or uniform type (no basketball shorts or warm up suits).  Shorts and skirts muse be 3 inches below the hands when standing.
  • No graphics or logos bigger than an inch on the top or bottom of the uniform.
  • Exceptions will be made for students who must wear certain attire for cultural or religious purposes.
  • Closed toed shoes with socks such as tennis shoes or flat heeled leather shoes must be worn by boys and girls.
  • Jacket, sweater, sweat shirts, rain coats, etc. are to be selected by the parents (preferably the school colors, but it is not mandatory).
  • Families who suffer hardship will be eligible to may volunteer at the school to receive uniform vouchers, request support from the PTO, and additional support from the TUSD Clothing Bank. 

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